We utilise pure water technology with a van mounted Water Fed Pole System. With the reverse osmosis and filtration processes, impurities are removed from ordinary tap water and turned into 100% pure water.

The pure water is then pumped through specially designed, lightweight, carbon fibre telescopic poles with hi-tech brush heads that are able to clean windows from ground level.


The reach and wash method means we can safely clean hard to reach and inaccessible areas without the use of ladders.

Your windows are treated with environmentally friendly, de-ionized water that will not leave any residue or streaks like traditional methods, so your windows will be cleaner and stay cleaner. The windows will dry spot free and streak free even in direct sunlight.

When we use our pure water technology on your home, not only is your glass cleaned but frames and sills are thoroughly cleaned at the same time.


This technology can also be used for the cleaning of Pvcu gutters, fascias and soffits and conservatories. The pure water and brush method leaves your Pvcu free from dirt and mildew and sparkly clean.


Pure water is a powerful yet safe cleaning agent so there is no harm to your plants, flowers, grass, pets or other surfaces.

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